Greetings internet adventurers, audionauts, -philes, and miscellaneous wanderers. I embark on this blog to bestow ye with both a wordy and soundy journey of my travels. A bard I fancy myself to be, as well, a poet & wordsmithy of sillydom, a puppeteer of shenanigans, thoughtcrime doublethinker, and a practicer of many more rambunctious odd trades (such as philosophy). And here ye shall encounter the product of such a endeavored mind, in the focus of music. Odd collections of songs (lists to play I say), my ponderances on bards and musicologists, and other soundthoughts will enjoy their haven here.

And so, as a songy gift right of the bat, I shall establish this as the playlist (or pal) page. Some or all I will expand upon in further posts, but this is just a sort of introduction and organization page. Each is a truly stupendous audio journey handcrafted by myself. For now I am sifting through the massive and ever expanding soundland of Soundcloud (SC). This hearty social network has conglomerated the sound obsessed into an awesome community of musicians, DJs, producers, general sound enthusiasts and fans, venue owners, bards and bardettes, and so forth. Alas, the site still doesn’t support making playlists on its own, so I have resorted to the lovely MyCloud appsite which is a music player that uses all the data from SC and lets one make some gnarly playlists. Note you can download many of these tracks by clicking the little cloud-arrow to the right. So let’s get started:

This first pal of my mine is 25 progressive house and house-related & robot-assisted songs. House is characterized by heavy drumbeats with delicious synths at 115-150ish beats per minute. This one is sprinkled with some variety though, keep that limbic system ready. ‘Fuckmylife’ is an alias of deadmau5, for those curious. That guy knows his proghouse for sure.

Next we have a few chillaxing tracks. They’re not exactly dark, but I wouldn’t say they’re fountains of audiojoy either. Good music to listen to before bed. There’s a slight electronic bent, but there’s a lot of different genres.

This one’s to inspire a bardic mood. A bit more upbeat than the prior list. Copious variety. Some nice piano pieces, indie, folk, rock, acoustic stuff, and some random SC peeps I enjoy.

Finally (for now), here’s some coolbeans (aka, hummus) dubstep. Dubstep is the metal of electronica, and certainly isn’t for everyone, or everytime. But in concentrated doses it can be a filthy thrill. Special shoutout to the Dear God dubstep mix, it’s more on the chill side and one of my favorites, check it out even if you don’t like dubstep in my humblest of opines.

Here’s a few Ellie Goulding tracks, the premiering and ever popular British pop star. She loves her voice gating and intricate (accented 🙂 ) vocal melodies. And Soundcloud loves to remix her. Her voices has a certain clarity, but also an edge that (with an insane amount of production) exudes epic win.

What moves the soul more than practiced, soulful hands at a piano? These are some of my favorite Soundcloud pianists doing some fine work.

Popular music isn’t devoid of meaning and depth by its very nature as I once thought. The signature of pop music is its unsubtle beats, melodics, and lyrics that grip you the second they are borne into speakerdom. The lack of subtly is not inherently bad, but it strips a song of opportunity to say more than: “this is really catchy — LISTEN TO ME.” This pal is a variety of poppy sounds that will leave you hooked and craving for more — because that’s how pop flows.

Let’s flip from simplicity to an extraordinarily misunderstood genre, hip hop. Soul-wrenching beats and licks hold up the voice of bards and poets. Following rapped lyrics is a skill to be practiced, but if one is dilligent in their focus, they will rewarded with nuanced messages, cries and pleas, advencherous odes, stories, and polemics. Whilst of course yonder on the radio there rest some hedonistic cash and diamond anthems that ooze with the misery of superficial success, real hip hop is a genre that deserves to live on with respect and sophistication.

There is a new genre arising that has come to call itself Garage, although it’s not your typical garageband kind of sound one would expect. Most of the songs have intriciate drumbeats, deep synthbass and soprano singer, but there’s some variety. It can be a little strange (but still audiomazing), so only attack this playlist if you’re a little adventurous.